5+ Great English Short Story For Students (2020)

Hi, folks are you finding some best ever English Short Story For Students? In this blog, I will share with you some of the Short stories.

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6 Great English Short Story For Students


The Brave Goat

Once upon a time, there was a very famous priest in a small village. He misguided the people of the village into false ways of worship.

He believed in sacrificing animals as part of worship and forced people into it. One day he decided to sacrifice a goat. He said to his two Servants, “Here take this goat to the river, give him a good bath, decorate him with flowers, and bring him.”

The Servants said, “we will act according to your instructions master.” The priest said,” You two have your batch and come neatly dressed.” Servants said, “Yes master.”

The goat who was listening to all this understood that the time had come for him to die. He thought of a plan to escape but he thought it would not be possible to run away from the servants.

The servants took the goat to the river and gave him a bath. The goat thought of an idea, suddenly he started to laugh.

One said,” Hey look, the goat is laughing. a stupid one, why are you laughing?” The goat understood that its idea had worked. that it stopped laughing and started crying.

The servants were even more shocked. They said,” Fool why are you crying now? If you don’t tell me the reason, I will kill you right away.”

The goat picked up courage and spoke back,” Kill me here itself, no problem.” They said,” what has happened to him? He’s not bothered about his death. Tell us now why you laughed and then cried?”

The Goat said, “I thought about your master, that made me cry, that’s it.” The servants said, “How dare you speak about him like that? We will take him to our master.” The servants took him to their master.

They said to their master, “Master while we were giving him a bath, this goat started to laugh and after a while began to cry. when we asked him why he was crying, he told us that he cried because he thought of you.”

The priest was annoyed. And He said, “you stupid goat, you do not have brains or anything? tell me what made you laugh and cry?”

The Goat said, “Master, I know that you’re going to sacrifice me today. when I was having my bath, the memory of my previous birth came to me by your power.” The servants were dumbfounded.

The Goat said, “In my previous birth, I was like you and I killed a goat, So I am now born as a goat. if you kill me my sin is removed and I will be reborn in this world as a great scholar, as I have suffered humiliations in this birth, as  a foolish goat this made me happy that’s why I laughed.”

The Priest said,” enough of your boasting! tell me what made you cry?”

The Goat said,” Master now in this birth you are committing the same mistake that I did in my previous birth, so in your next birth you will be reborn as a goat and will be killed by someone else. thinking about this I felt sad. Tears rolled down from my eyes.” The priest and the Servants were equally shocked.

The Goat said, ” Master, you’re a great priest, now I don’t want you to be reborn a fool like me in your next birth.”

The Priest said, “I am sorry dear goat, I will not kill you.” The goat felt very happy. The priest Ordered the servants,” Servants untie him set him free”

The servants said, “Master, the village elders would have by now come with their goats for sacrifice. what shall we tell them?”

The Goat said, “They are committing a mistake because our master has asked them to do so. Our master may have as many goats as the number of goats sacrificed.”

The Priest said, ” ask them to take their goats back fast, I don’t want to see anyone.”

The goat was very happy that it was able to teach a proper lesson to the priest and also help other goats from being killed. Braveness even in adverse conditions will confer victory in one’s endeavors.


The Magic Pot

Once upon a time, there lived a farmer in the village. He used to go to his farm every day and do his farming activities.

One day he was digging the farm to prepare it for sowing the seeds for the coming monsoon. All of a sudden he found a big pot on the farm.

He took the pot out and he wondered what that pot would be useful for. So he just kept that pot aside and started his usual activities again.

During lunchtime, he just kept his bed in that part while he was eating. When the farmer finished his lunch he saw to his surprise, that his spade was multiplied to hundred spades in that pot.

He was really really surprised, He thought to himself,” oh I did not bring a hundred spades!  I just brought only one Spade. how come the one Spade became hundreds? I don’t understand?”

Then he thought this must be something to do with the pot. So he took away those hundred spades and took up a stone from nearby and put that stone in that pot. and then when he looked inside the pot instead of a stone that he put in there, their hundred stones lying there.

That is when he realized that the pot was magical, so he brought the board back home and kept it in secret.

From that day on he used the pot to satisfy his needs. So whenever he wanted a cloth, he would put a piece of cloth and he would get enough cloth for him to take his clothes.

Whenever he was hungry, he would put fruit in that pot and he would get a hundred fruits back from the pot.

That way gradually he started becoming rich. But that farmer was an honest farmer, he never used the magic of the pot for satisfying his greed. He was not a greedy farmer.

However, his neighbor noticed that this farmer is getting richer and richer every day. So he tried to find out the secret of his richness.

So one day, a neighbor stood outside his window, peeping into the house of this farmer to find out what this farmer was doing.

That time the farmer kept a little spoon of milk inside the pot, and he took out a liter of milk from the pot.

The neighbor said,” Hmm, now I understand. He said that magical pot is giving him all the richness.”

So this wicked neighbor, an envious neighbor decided to steal this pot from this farmer that night itself. He stole that pot from the farmer’s house and took it back home to his own house. He was very eager to find out the magic of the pot.

But before that, he just wanted to find out if there is anything inside the pot so he put his hand in the pot. 

But obviously there was nothing in the pot. But to his surprise when he took out his hand, he realized that now he has a hundred hands to his body.

And now he was really scared because he did not know how to bring those hundred things back to one again. so the next day as he came out of the house the people were really scared and they thought he was some kind of demon with a hundred hands on one side and one hand on the other.

So the other villagers started stoning him and they drove him away. when this farmer saw all this happening. He realized that the neighbor must have stolen the bought from him and must have put his hands into it.

So the moral of the story is,” do not be envious of anyone, and never ever steal anything from anyone. Never be a greedy person.


The Rooster and The Fox

It was a bright evening and the Sun was sinking in a glorious world. A wise old rooster flew into a tree to roost, He flapped his wings three times and crowed loudly.

The powerful crow of the rooster was heard across the forest, and it also got the attention of a hungry Fox who was searching for food.

The Fox came near the tree where the rooster was standing and in the thought of a plan to bring the rooster down, just as the rooster was about to sleep, he saw the red fox standing down.

The Fox cried in a very joyous and excited manner,” Have you heard of the wonderful news?” The rooster asked calmly, “What news?”

The rooster was afraid of the Fox and he knew that the Fox was here with some wicked plans.

The Fox said, “Your family in mind and all other animals have agreed to forget their differences, and live in peace and friendship from now on forever. Just think of it I simply cannot wait to embrace you do come down dear friend, and let us celebrate this moment.”

The Rooster said,” how grand? I am certainly delighted by the news.” But he spoke in an absent way and stretching upon tiptoes seemed to be looking at something afar off.

The Fox anxiously asked,” What is it you see?” The Rooster said, “Why does it look to me like a couple of dogs are headed this way? They must have heard the good news end.”

But the Fox did not wait to hear more, He started to run away. The Rooster Cried, “Wait, Why are you running? The dogs are your friends now.”

The Fox said,” Of course! Yes. But they might not have heard the news. Besides, I had a very important errand that I had almost forgotten about.”

The Rooster smiled as he buried his head in his feathers and went to sleep, He had succeeded in out winning an enemy that day. The rooster knew that a trickster can be easily tricked.


The Old Lion and The Fox

Once upon a time, there was an old lion lying down under the blazing Sun. The Lion said,” I am so hungry. But I am too old and slow to hunt. I am starving. Suddenly a plan in his head. And he said “Good! That will do.”

He caught a little rat and roared. Lion said, “I am not feeling well. Go tell everyone to pay a visit to this sick Lion. Have I made myself clear ?” Rat said, Yes sir.

Every animal said, What? Mr. lion is sick? ” Rat said, “He sure is. And he said we must pay him a visit.” Let’s go before he gets angry. The animals had no choice but to visit the old Lion.

The Deer asked, “Hello Mr. Lion, How are you feeling? ” Lion said,” Oh it’s you, dear! please come in. I’m feeling so sick.” And then Lion kills and eats the Deer.

Next, the monkey went and said, “Hello Mr. Lion, are you feeling better?” Welcome little monkey please come in, said the Lion. And the monkey was also killed by the Lion when he visited him.

All the animals disappeared one by one. Then Fox thinks, “That’s strange! no one came back from visiting Mr. lion’s den. I have to find out what happened?”

The Lion said,” I am brilliant. I made a lightener walk right into my den. Although someone is late. oh yes! The Fox hasn’t come yet.”

Then the fox came and said,” Mr. Lion, How are you feeling? Sorry, I took so long. The Lion said,” I feel a lot better thanks to all the animals. Please come inside. Come on Fox.

The Fox said, “Mr.Lion this is strange! There are footprints leading inside, but not going outside. No way I’m going in. I don’t want to be eaten today.”

Thanks to the wise Fox, No animal came near Lion’s Den ever again. And since then the lion has died of starvation.


The Greatest Treasure 

One day Peter found a treasure map. “hooray! I’m going to find this treasure and have some adventure” He exclaimed. 

Peter set off. He walked a long way and finally reached a forest, there he met a lion. Peter said to Lion “you are strong and courageous. Will you come with me on a treasure hunt?” Lion agreed and joined Peter. 

The forest was dense and dark.Peter was afraid but with the lion by his side,he made it through. When the two finally reached the mountain,they met an eagle. 

Peter said to Eagle,” you have excellent vision and can alert us to dangers.Will you come with us we’re looking for a treasure.” Eagle agreed and joined Peter and the lion. 

The mountains were tall and craggy.Lion slipped but Peter was swift enough to give him a hand and pull him up. 

Egle with his sharp vision, watched every step they took.Soon they reached the valley below where they met sheep. 

Peter asked the sheep,” Will you join us in our search for a treasure? And keep us warm when it’s cold?” Sheep agreed and joined Peter Lion and Eagle. 

A cold wind swept across the endless meadow. They all huddled against sheep, Who kept them warm and cozy.The four finally reached the desert where they met Camel. 

Said Peter to the Camel, “You are called the ship of the desert. Will you help us get across and join the treasure hunt too?” Camel agreed. 

Peter, Lion, and Sheep mounted the camel and set off happily across the vast desert, with Eagle enjoying the spectacle from above. 

Camel began galloping and everybody cheered with excitement. Crossing The desert on the camel’s back was thrilling! The five finally reached the ocean where They met Turtle. 

Peter asked the Turtle,” Can you help us cross the ocean? We’re on a treasure hunt.” Turtle agreed and joined Peter, Lion, Eagle, Sheep, and Camel. 

The rough waves almost drowned the party, but the turtle skillfully transported them across. They met an owl on the other side. 

Owl spoke from his ancient wisdom, “congratulations! You have found the treasure.”They all exclaimed in surprise, “Where is it?” 

Owl said, “Together you have passed the forest, climbed the mountains, dared the valley, Braved the desert and crossed the Ocean. You would never have done it without one another.” 

They all looked at each other and realized that Owl was right. They had found friendship indeed, they had found the greatest Treasure ever.


The Fox and The Monkey

Once upon a time, the animals in a forest decided to elect a new ruler at the meeting of the animals. The monkey who was present there was asked to dance.

This he did so well with a thousand funny capers and grimaces. And the animals were carried entirely off their feet with enthusiasts, and then in their elected king.

The Fox did not vote for the monkey and was much disgusted with the Animals for electing so unworthy a ruler. 

One day he found a trap with a bit of meat in it, then he got an idea. Hurrying to King monkey moon, he told him, he had found a rich treasure. which he had not touched because it belongs by rights to his majesty the monkey.

The greedy Monkey followed the Fox to the trap as soon as he saw the meat, He grasped eagerly for it, only to find himself held fast in the trap.

The Fox stood off and laughed. He said, “you pretend to be our King and you cannot even take care of yourself.”

The animals realize that a true leader proves himself by his quality. Soon another election among the animals was held and they appointed the lion as their king.


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