5 Gautam buddha stories must change your thoughts about time

Everyone knows about buddha and today I will share with you 5 best gautam buddha stories to change your mind about time. After reading all of the below stories maybe you will not waste your anymore. let’s begin

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Highly inspirational gautam buddha stories

gautam-buddha-stories, buddha stories in english

Buddha story against laziness

One day, While the Buddha was preaching his doctrine for the conversion of the world in the neighbourhood of savatthi, a man of great wealth who suffered from many ailments came to him with clasped hands and said: 

“Oh Lord Buddha, pardon me for my want of respect in not saluting you as I ought to but I suffer greatly from obesity, excessive drowsiness, and other complaints, so that I cannot move without pain.”

The Tathagatha, seeing the luxuries with which the man was surrounded, asked him: “Have you a desire to know the cause of your ailments?” And when the wealthy man Expressed his willingness to learn, Buddha said: 

“There are five things which produce the condition of which you complain: opulent dinners, love of sleep, hankering after pleasure, thoughtlessness,  and lack of occupation exercise self-control at your meals, and take on yourself some duties that will exercise your abilities and make you useful to your fellow-men. 

In following this advice you will prolong your life.” The Rich man remembered the words of the Buddha and after some time having recover this lightness youthfulness, he returns to the world-honored one and coming this time without horses and luxuries, he said to him: “master you have cured my bodily ailments, I come now to seek enlightenment of the mind.” 

And Buddha said: “The worldling nourishes his body, But the wise man nourishes his mind. He who indulges in the satisfaction of his appetite works his own destruction. But he who walks in the path will have both: the salvation from evil and a prolongation of life.” You see in life,

If you only feed our belly and our desire what will become of us? 

If you sleep too much, walk around without any thoughts, and just chase after pleasure without being of any use to your community or your fellow men. What will become of you? If you are now just a small, young root what kind of tree will you become if you live this way? 

Always find the yin and yang, the right amount of sleep, Nourishment, and usefulness to enjoy life, but also: have an occupation have a meaning in your life! Set yourself some goals and always try to nourish your mind. and grow in your mind so you can understand what happens in this universe.

gautam-buddha-stories, buddha stories in english

A timeless story- Gautam buddha stories

A long, long time ago,There was a high class rich man as he became older. He realised that the suffering of old age was about the same for rich and poor alike. 

So he gave up his wealth and class position, and went into the forest to live as a poor Monk. He practiced meditation, and developed his mind. He freed himself from unwholesome thoughts, and became content and happy. His peacefulness and friendliness gradually drew 500 followers to his side. 

At that time, long ago, most monks usually looked pretty serious. But there was one monk who, even though he was quite dignified, always wore at least a little smile on his face. No matter what happened, he never lost this  glimmer of inner happiness. 

And on happy occasions, he had the broadest smile, and the warmest love laughter of all. Sometimes monks, as well as others, would ask him why he was so happy that he always wore a smile. He chuckled and said, “if I told you, you wouldn’t believe me! And if you thought I spoke a lie, it would be dishonorable to my master.” 

The wise old master knew the source of the happiness that could not be wiped from his face. And so he made this happiest monk his number one assistant. One year, after the rainy season, the old man and his 500 followers went to the city. 

The king permitted them to live in his pleasure garden for the springtime. This king was a good man, he took his responsibilities as a ruler seriously. He tried to protect the people from danger, and increased their prosperity and welfare. He always had to worry about neighbouring Kings, some of whom wore unfriendly and threatening. 

He often had to make peace between his own rival ministers of state. Sometimes his wives fought for his attention, and for the advancement of their sons. 

Occasionally,a  dissatisfied subject even threatened the life of the King himself! And of course, he had to worry constantly about the finances of the kingdom in fact, he had so much to worry about, that he never had time to be happy! As summer approaches, he learnt that the monks were preparing to return to the forest. 

Considering the health and welfare of the old leader, the king went to him and said, “your reverence, you are now very old and weak. What Could does it do to go back to the forest? You can send your followers back, but you remain here!” The chief monk thought about it, and then called his number one assistance to him and said, “you are now to be the leader of the other monks while you all live in the forest. 

As I am an old man weak. I will remain here as offered by the king.” So the 500 returned to the forest and the old one remained. The number one assistant continued practicing meditation in the forest. He gained so much wisdom and peace that he became even happier than before. He missed his old master. 

And wanted to share his happiness with him. And so she returned to the City for a visit when he arrived, He sat on a rug at the feet of the old Monk. They didn’t speak very much,  but every so often the number one assistant would say, “what happiness! Oh what happiness!” Then the king came to visit. 

He paid his respects to the chief Monk. However, the one from the forest just kept saying, “what happiness! Oh what happiness!” He did not ever stop to greet the king and show proper respect. And this disturbed the king, and he thought, “with all my worries, as busy as I am looking after the kingdom,  I take out time for a visit and this monk does not respect me enough to even recognize me. 

“How insulting!” He said to the senior of the two monks, “venerable sir, this monk must be

Stupid from overacting that must be why he is so full of happiness does he lie around here so lazy all the time?” The head  monk replied, “oh king, have patience and I will tell you the source of his happiness. Not many people know it. 

He was once a king, just as rich and mighty as you! Then he was ordained a monk and gave up his kingly life. Now he thinks his old happiness was nothing compared to his present joy!” “He used to be surrounded by armed men, who guarded and protected him. Now, sitting alone in the forest with nothing to fear, he has no need for armed guards. 

He has given up the burden of worrying about wealth that has to be protected. Instead, free of the worry of wealth and the fear of power, his wisdom protects himself and others. 

He advances in meditation to such inner peace, that he cannot keep from saying,

 “What happiness! oh what happiness!” The king understood at once. Hearing the story of the happy monk made him feel at peace. 

He stayed  for a while and received advice from both of them. Then he honoured them, and returned to the palace later the happy monk, who once had been a king, paid his respects to his master and returned to the lovely forest. 

The old chief monk lived out the remainder of his life, died, and was reborn in a high heaven world.

You see in life, If we stay unattached to wealth and power our happiness increases if we search for happiness in the other world everything that isn’t within us already we will never retain it, we will never find happiness because happiness is the way is within us and no material positions can ever guide us to happiness as much as our inner happy self and our inner being. 

The world’s height behind the power will never find happiness but if you are master of your own said, the master of happiness you will find it even in the smallest of things in this world.

gautam-buddha-stories, buddha stories in english

Buddha could not forgive

One day Buddha was in an assembly when a man walked in looking furious. He thought Buddha was doing something wrong. He was drawing a huge crowd and people would just go to him and meditate. 

He was a restless businessman, and he had found that his children were spending their time with Buddha when they could have engaged themselves in business, making more money and ensuring their livelihood. 

He felt their spending four hours of their day seated next to someone whose eyes were always closed was a complete waste of time. So the father of that family was very upset, and he said: “I am going to teach this man a lesson!” With anger in his heart, he walked confidently up to Buddha as soon as he approached Buddha, all of these thoughts disappeared but the anger in him did not dissipate; he was shaking and he found himself speechless. 

Since he was unable to express emotions in words, he simply spat in Budda’s face. Buddha, in return, simply smiled. His disciples who were sitting with him were curious. 

They wanted to react and were ready to jump but the Buddha’s presence didn’t allow them to do so. Just couldn’t believe someone could behave in such a reprehensible manner with the Buddha. But couldn’t say anything. 

And this man could not stay longer either. He noticed this action had not drawn any reaction from the people around him. And the Buddha had simply smiled in return. A few minutes later,he thought, “if I stay longer I will burst, I will explode”so he walked away. Once he returned home, he couldn’t erase the image of the smiling Buddha from his mind for the first time in his life, he had met someone who had such an extraordinary reaction to such a disrespectful act. 

He could not sleep all night and his whole body underwent a transformation. He was shivering, shaking. He felt as though his world had collapsed. So the next day he got up, and went and fell at Buddha’s feet and said: “please forgive me!” “I did not know what I was doing.” 

To which Buddha replied: “I can not excuse you!”everyone, including Buddha’s disciples, were shocked at his reaction. All his life, Buddha had been so compassionate. He had accepted everyone in his ashram, regardless of their past. 

And now he was telling this businessman that he could not excuse his behaviour. Buddha looked around and found everyone to be in a state of shock. So he explained: “why should I excuse you” “when you have not done anything?” “What wrong have you Done that I should excuse your behaviour?” the businessman replied: “yesterday, I came to this assembly and in my anger, I spit on your face. 

I’m the same person. It is me!!” Buddha said: “That person is not here anymore.” “If I ever meet the person on whom you spat, I”ll tell him to excuse you.” 

“For me, to the person who’s right here in this moment, you are wonderful. You have done nothing wrong.” 

You see in life, When do you truly forgive a person? True forgiveness, is when you forgive a person and that someone doesn’t even know that he is being forgiven that person shouldn’t feel guilty for his deed: this is the right kind of forgiveness if you forgive someone and keep reminding them about their mistake and make them feel guilty all the time then in truth, you have simply not forgiven them yet. Guilt itself should be enough punishment for a person.

gautam-buddha-stories, buddha stories in english

The time when Buddha was child

A long, long time ago, There once lived a king and a queen one day the queen gave birth to a boy  they called him: Prince Siddhartha the king and the queen were very happy. 

As they had wished for a boy for so long. They invited a wise old fortuneteller to come to the kingdom to predict the child’s fortune. “Please tell us!”, Said the queen to the wise old man, “what will our son grow up to be?” 

“Your son will be a special child!”, He said.. “one day he will become a great king!” The father was overjoyed with happiness: “he will be a king like me.” “But..”, said the wise man “when the child grows up.. he might abandon the palace because he wants to help people.” 

“He will do no such thing!”, yelled the king while he yanked the child away from the man: “he will be a great King, just like me!” And so the king watched over his son all the time. He made sure that his son always had the best of everything. 

He wanted Siddhartha to enjoy his life as a prince. He wanted him to become king one day and when the prince turned seven years old his father called him and said to his son: “Siddhartha one day you will be King, it is time that you start preparing.” 

“There are many things you need to learn.” “You are the best professors  in the world! They will teach you everything you need to know!” “Thank you father. I will do my best.”, Answered the prince. Siddhartha began his lessons. 

And he was a great pupil. He did not learn to read and write, but rather how to ride a horse. How to wield a bow and arrow, how to fight and use a sword. These were the skills that a brave King might need. Siddhartha learned his lessons well. Just like his cousin, Devadatta, because both of the boys were of the same age. 

And all the time the king always had an eye on his son.. “my son is so strong, so smart, such a quick learner..” “he will become a great and famous king one day.” When the prince Siddhartha finished his lessons, she always liked to play in the garden of the palace. 

There lived all kinds of animals: squirrels, rabbits, birds and deers. Siddhartha likes to watch them. He could sit and observe them so quietly and still that they were not afraid of getting close to him. Siddhartha liked playing near the lake. 

And each year, a pain of beautiful white swans came to nest there. He watched them closely, crouching behind some trees. He wanted to know how many eggs there were in the nest, because he liked to watch the chicks learn how to swim. 

One afternoon Siddhartha was at the lake. And suddenly, he heard a sound above him. He looked up. Three beautiful swans were flying above him. “More swans”, thought Siddhartha, “I hope they nest in our lake”. 

But just at that moment one of the swans fell from the sky. “Oh no!” Souted Siddhartha, as he ran towards the swan switch fell. “What happened?” There is an arrow in your wing”, he said. “Someone has hurt you.” “Siddhartha spoke to the bird very softly, so that it wouldn’t be frightened. 

He started caressing it sweetly. Very delicately he removed the arrow. He took his shirt off and wrapped it around the swan carefully. “You’ll be just fine very soon,”he said. “I will see you later.” At exactly the moment his cousin Devadatta ran up. 

“That is my son,” he shouted. “I hit it, so give it to me”. “It doesn’t belong to you,” Said Siddhartha, “It is a wild swan”. “I hit with my arrow, so it is mine, give it to me now”. “No.”, Said Siddhartha “it is wounded and we have to help it”. 

Two boys started arguing “stop.”, Said Siddhartha “in our Kingdom, if people can’t come to an agreement on something, they ask the king for help. ” So let’s go and look for him now.” The two boys went out looking for the king. “Don’t you see how busy we are? Play some place else.” 

“We haven’t come to play, we have come to ask for your help” said Siddhartha. “Wait” exclaimed the king when he heard this. “Don’t turn them away. They are within their right to ask for our help”.

He was impressed that Siddhartha knew how to act in such a situation. “Let the boys tell us their story. We will listen and give them our verdict.” First, Devadatta told his version of the story. “I heard the swan, it belongs to me.” 

The ministers nodded in agreement. That was the law of the kingdom. An animal or bird belonged to the person who managed to harm it. Then Siddhartha told his version of the story. “The swan is not dead.”he argued. 

“He is hurt, but he is still alive.” The ministers were perplexed. Who did the swan belong to? I think I can help you,” Said a voice. Everyone turned around and an old man walked through the door. 

“If this swan could talk,” said the old man, “it would tell us that it wants to fly and swim with the other wild swans. Nobody wants to feel pain aur death. The same is felt by the swan. The swan wouldn’t go with he who tried to kill it, he would go with he who tried to help it.” The whole time Devadatta remained in silence. 

He had never thought about animals like that, that animals had feelings, too. He was so sorry for having hurt the bird.”devadatta, you can help me take care of the bird, if you’d like,” said Siddhartha. 

So that two boys cared for the swan until he was well again. And one day, when his wing healed completely he took into the river. It’s time for us to part,” said Siddhartha. And so Siddharth and devadatta watched as the swan swam towards deep waters. 

At that moment they heard the sound of wings above them. “Look,” said devadatta “the others have returned for her.” The swan flew high into the sky and joined her friends. 

Then they all flew over the lake one last time. “They are saying thank you,” said Siddhartha as the swans faded into the mountains in the north.

You see in life, for all of us, there comes the day when we are born the second time. The First time we are born is our physical birth, our greeting into this new world.. and the second time we are born, is when we find our place in our community, in our society. 

In this moment Siddhartha showed his blessed soul. That he had compassion with every living being on this planet so if you are struggling to find Or to make sense of your life maybe you haven’t been born the second time yet. 

Always remember: it is your life And you can make out of it want but be good to others, and others will be good to you in this life with this law of Karma.

gautam-buddha-stories, buddha stories in english

Time when would the explained death

One day a woman lost her young son, just a few days before her husband had died. Kissa Goutami was her name, and now her only sun had died. 

She was in great despair, naturally the child was her only hope. Buddha was staying in the town; people said, “don’t cry and don’t weep. Why don’t you take the child to the Buddha? 

He is so com-passionate, he may revive him back to life.“The women rushed with the dead body of the child. Buddha looked at the woman, told her to put the child in front of him and said to her, “yes, I will revive him, but you will have to fulfill one condition.” 

The woman said, “I am ready to give even my life. Say any condition and I will fulfill it.” Buddha said, “it is a simple condition, I never make  big requirements  of people, only small requirements. This is a very simple thing. 

Just go into town and bring a few mustard seeds. Just remember one thing: the master sheet should come from a house where nobody has ever died.” The woman was in an insane state, she could not see the point. How can you find a house where nobody has ever died? 

She rushed with great hope and she knew that every house had mustard seeds because that was the only crop the people were growing. The whole village was growing it, so there was no problem. 

She knocked on many doors, the people said, “a few mustard seeds? We can bring cartloads of mustard seeds, but we can not fulfill the condition; many people have died in our house. So our master seeds won’t do.” 

When night dawned, the woman came to her senses, she had knocked on every door in the village and slowly she saw that death is inevitable; it happens to everybody, that nobody Can escape from it. 

When she came back to Buddha she was a totally different woman. Her child was lying there and Buddha was waiting. He said, “where are the mustard seeds?”The woman laughed and fell down at his feet and said: “initiate me into your path, because I have understood your message, that everybody has to die. 

Today my son died, a few days before my husband died, and a few days afterwards I am going to die before I die. I want to see the deathless. Now I am not interested in my child being raised from the dead. I am interested…. Myself in seeing eternal life.” 

Buddha said,- that was the purpose of sending you, so that you can be awakened.” And he initiated kissa Goutami.

You see in life. or let’s say: there is no life without death and there can’t be death without life we all have our own clocks ticking. And it may seem unfair why some people die before others but it is just a circle of life. If there is no light, there can be no darkness, if there is no bad, there can’t be any good. If there is no death.

There can’t be life. Understanding this may seem beyond us for we are attached emotionally to all the people that we love, and rightly so! Life is a beautiful journey so enjoy every second and minute together with the people that you love.

I think your mind change and you understand the value of time. If you like the above stories please comment which story you like most on gautam buddha stories on time. you can check more inspirational stories on our website.