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Motivational English Moral Stories To Get Instant Energy

Buddha vs Bandit

motivational stories in english with moral, real life inspiring stories that touched heart, true motivational stories with moral

Once upon a time, Buddha was walking through the forest, on his own, meditating when suddenly, he was confronted by a bandit called angulimal after he had seen that Buddha did not have many possessions, he wanted to kill him and Buddha said:  “then be good enough to fulfill my dying wish,” ” cut off the branch of that tree” one slash of the shower, and it was done! “What now?” Asked the bandit.  “Put it back again,” Said Buddha. 

The pandit laughed: “you must be crazy to think anyone can do that.” “On the contrary, it is you who are crazy to think you are mighty because you can wound and destroy. That is the task children. 

The mighty know how to create and heal.”at once angulimal understood and immediately went to his knees before Buddha. And beggar for his  forgiveness.

You see in life, It is easy to hurt, to destroy, to wound, to hurt each other whether it is physical or emotional it takes courage and heart to build, to heal, and to protect. The real warrior inside you must have these virtues because even a child can destroy and hurt. So always try to be the best version of yourself and let go of unnecessary anger.

Dreaming Without Sleeping

motivational stories in english with moral, real life inspiring stories that touched heart, true motivational stories with moral

Once upon a time there was a young shepherd girl watching her family sheep graze on a mountainside. The Himalayan Sun high overhead was bright and warm, so she fell asleep and dreamed many dreams.

In one of her dreams she overheard Buddha telling some yellow-clothed monks in distant India: “when I am gone, whenever you invoke me, I shall be there too, on the threshold of your devotion.”

The girl woke up and took the instructions to heart. Imagining Buddha, concentrating on his radiant face, she repeated his words, and there he was. She was amazed and asked him: “am I dreaming?” “Yes you are,”Buddha replied.

“But how can I wake up?”the girl asked. “Who is asleep?” Buddh demanded. At once she understood that she had been dreaming, and called out: “I am awake now!” And Buddha disappeared. 

People gradually noticed that she had changed. Whenever someone asked her how she answered: “I had a dream that I was dreaming, but Buddha woke me up.”

You see in life, Just because you sleep, it does not mean that you are dreaming and just because you dream, it doesn’t mean that you are sleeping. 

A long time ago, that girl met Buddha in her dreams and Buddha showed hard in her dreams that the dream doesn’t mean that you sleep, but instead he woke her up from the sleep that she had had in her whole life our subconscious is life the universe endless and bigger than we could ever imagine. When we dream of a dream. 

We are so deeply embedded into our subconscious that we will feel different and act differently once we wake up. Buddha, woke that girl’s life up on that day so next time, try to dream without sleeping, and maybe we will understand how to wake up.

Letting go A Buddhist story

motivational stories in english with moral, real life inspiring stories that touched heart, true motivational stories with moral

Once upon a time, two Buddhist monks were on his journey, one of them was a senior monk and the other was a junior monk. And during their journey, they approached a raging river, and on the river bank stood a young lady. 

She was clearly concerned about how she would get to the other side of the river without drawing. The junior Monk walked straight past her without Drowning. 

The junior Monk walked straight past her without giving it a thought and he crossed the river. The senior monk, however, picked up the woman and carried her across the river. He placed her down, they parted ways, and on they parted ways and on they went with their journey. 

As the journey went on, the senior monk  could see some concern on the junior Monk’s mind, he asked what was wrong. The junior monk replied, “how could you carry her like that? You know we can’t touch women, it’s against our way of life the senior Monk answered, “I left the omen at the river’s edge a long way back, why are you still carrying her?” the senior Monk had broken rules but for good reason. 

Once the purpose was fulfilled he put her down and continued on. He never got any further thoughts that the junior Monk, however, he didn’t touch the woman but he had brought up the actions of the senior monk when it was an action of the past. 

Therefore the junior Monk was carrying the burden of what the senior Monk has done as emotional baggage. 

You see in life, You have little use for past experiences, except for learning whether it is good or bad, and just like in this Buddhist monk story, we need to let go of any burden the past has placed on us it’s happened, it’s over, it cannot be changed we can only move forward and create a more compelling future for ourselves.

If you hang on to something which happened in the past which gives you suffering. Every time you relive it, you think about it, you will get the same suffering, over and over again.

Which will create a cycle of suffering for yourself. So stop warning and let the past go in that way you concentrate on Puli in the future!

The Story of Buddha and God

motivational stories in english with moral, real life inspiring stories that touched heart, true motivational stories with moral

One day in the early morning gautama Buddha was sitting in a garden quietly with his disciples. A man arrived silently and stood in the shadows that man was a great devotee of lord Rama. 

He has built many temples across the country he has devoted many years in the service of lord Rama. He would always Chand Rama’s name and contemplate on Rama’s greatness. He was old and close to his last years. 

And even after many years of dedicated spiritual effort he was not enlightened. He wanted to know for sure if there is a God or not? When he heard about the enlightened one he came to get his doubt cleared. 

When he felt that Nobody would notice him talking to Buddha. He asked Gautama “o enlightened one, please tell me the truth! And truth only. 

Is there a God?” Buddha, from his intuition, knew that man to be a great devotee of lord Rama, he looked at that man with seriousness and said ” no, no my friend. there is god”. Buddha’s disciples that had gathered were very relieved and joyous to finally know the truth that there was no god. 

They all started muttering between them, sharing what the Buddha had just told. Whenever a disciple had asked that question to Buddha, He would become silent. So they never knew. 

His word spread through the whole town, the whole town was celebrating the day on which the truth of NO GOD  was revealed by the enlightened they were finally free of the ideas of hell, heaven hands of somebody sitting up to judge one’s actions. 

It was getting late in the evening, and once again the disciples came back and sat around the Buddha there was a materialist who had been an atheist all his life, he had convinced 1000s of people that there was no god, he used to go to the priests scholars and defeat them in the argument about God. 

He too was getting old and little suspicion arose in him, “what is there is God? Isn’t it  Waste of my life to spread the ” NO GOD”;message if there is God?”he was eaten by his doubt, he finally decided to know the truth. Sought the enlightened one. 

He slowly came up to where Buddha was sitting, and asked him “They say you are enlightened, please tell me if where is GOD?” Buddha knowing that man tu bhi an atheist said with a firm voice as if he is in firm conviction “yes, there is God”. Buddha disciples once again were back to confusion. The word spread around town that there was no GOD and so the whole town was confused

You see in life, The belief that there is God or the belief that there is no God are both equally useless. One has to realize the truth in himself if there is a God, is it a reason to behave better? If there is no god: is it a reason to behave worse in your life? 

No; so to realize one’s self is to look inside of you and not look for a truth that is somewhere out there in the universe because life is short and you can spend your whole life. think about there is God or no God but here on earth, if you are good you’re good, if you are bad you are bad.

The Lost Son, A true motivational stories with morals

motivational stories in english with moral, real life inspiring stories that touched heart, true motivational stories with moral

“Oh, wise one!” The disciples asked Buddha “why aren’t we enlightened, why don’t we understand?” And Buddha told them, he said: “I will tell you a story. 

So you all gather around me.” and the disciples gather around Buddha and waited eagerly for him to tell the story and he told them the story, the story of the Lost son… and he said: “a long time ago, there was a householder’s son who went away into a distant country. 

And the father accumulated immeasurable riches, the son became miserably poor. And the son, while searching for food and clothing, happened to come to the country in which his father now lived. The father saw him in his wretchedness, But he was ragged and brutalized by poverty, and ordered some of his servants to call him.

When the son saw the place of which he was conducted, he thought, “I must have evoked the anger of a powerful man, and surely he will throw me into prison.” full of apprehension he made his escape before he had even seen his father. So the father sent messengers out after his son. Who was caught and brought back in spite of his Cries and protests? 

Thereupon the father ordered his servants to deal tenderly with his son, and he appointed a laborer his son’s rank and education to employ him else helpmate on the estate. And the son was pleased with his new situation. 

From the window office palace, the father watched the boy, day in day out and when he saw that he was honest and industrious he promoted him higher and higher. After a year had passed, he summoned his son and called together all his servants. 

And made the secret known to them, the secret that the poor man, what his son..the poor man tearfully looked into his father’s eyes and at this moment he was full of joy, he was full of understanding he was full of life. 

You see in life, In your life just as the father cautiously promoted his son, higher and higher, so will life promote you, higher, and higher and bit by bit Time after Time. All of life’s secrets will reveal themself to you so stop running away and face the challenges from day to day life and you will grow, spiritually and mentally. Your fears will guide you in the right direction.

It is you who chooses in life

motivational stories in english with moral, real life inspiring stories that touched heart, true motivational stories with moral

Once upon a time, Buddha song visiting the village a man came up to him and asked him: “every day you say, that everyone can become enlightened then why doesn’t everyone become enlightened then why doesn’t everyone become enlightened?” “My friend!” Budha replied “do one thing.  

In the evening make a list of all the people in the village and write down their desires next to their next name.” the man did as Buddha told him. He went into the village, and he asked everyone. It was a small village, with only a few people.

And they gave him their answers. He returned in the evening and gave the list to Buddha. Buddha asked: “So tell me, how many to these people seek enlightenment?” 

The man was surprised because Not a single person had written that he wanted to be enlightened and Buddha said: I say that every man is capable of enlightenment.. but I do not think that every man wants to be enlightened!” And so the man understood. 

He understood that every man is capable of enlightenment. But that is very different, From every man wanting to be enlightened. He understood that if you want something, Then consider it to be possible. 

He understood that if you’re quest for truth, there is no power on earth that can stop you. But he also understood if you don’t long for truth, then too. there is no power which can give it to you!

You see in life.. they say: “careful what you wish for, for it may come true…” if you really want something, if your thirst for knowledge, if your thirst for something else if your thirst is a real one. then rest assured that a path is available.

That it is possible by all the powers of the universe and that nothing can stop you. But also, you have to choose the right path! For there is no right all wrong but the path that you really want in your life! Your thirst will be your pet to the truth.

Buddha and the Desert savior, A real-life inspiring stories that touched the heart

motivational stories in english with moral, real life inspiring stories that touched heart, true motivational stories with moral

Once upon a time, there was a disciple of the blessed one, School of energy and zeal for the truth, who, living under a vow to complete a meditation in solitude, flagged in a moment of weakness. 

He said to himself: “the teacher said there are several kinds of men; I must belong to the lowest class and fear that in this birth there will be neither path nor fruit for me. 

What is the use for a hermit’s life if I cannot buy constant endeavor to attain the inside of meditation to which I have devoted myself?” And he left the solitude and returned to the jetavana. When the brethren saw him de set to him: “you have done wrong, brother, after taking a now, to give up the attempt to carry it out”; and they took him to the master. 

When Buddha saw them he said: “I see, mendicant, that you have brought this brother here against his will. What has he done?” “Lord, this brother, having taken the vows sanctifying a faith, has abandoned the endeavor to accomplish the aim of a member of the order, and has come back to us.

“Then Buddha said to him: is it true that you have given up trying?” “It is true, blessed one,” they reply. So Buddha said: “this present life of yours is a time of grace. If you fail now to reach the happy state you will have to suffer remorse in future existences. 

How is it, brother, that you have proved so irresolute? When in former states of existence you were full of determination. By your energy alone the men and bullocks of five hundred wagons obtained water in the Sandy desert and were saved. How is it that you Now give up?” By these few words that brother was re-established in his resolution. 

But the others sought Buddha, saying “Lord! Tell us how  this was.” “Listen, then, mendicants”, sage Buddha, and having thus excited their attention, he made manifest a thing concealed by the change of birth. Once upon a time. When Brahmadatta was reigning in Kasi the Bodhisattva was born in a merchant’s family; we went about trafficking with five hundred carts. 

One day he arrived at a Sandy desert many leagues across. The sand in that desert was so fine that when taken in the closed fist it could not be kept in the hand. After the sun Had risen

 It became as hot as a mass of burning embers so that no man could walk on it. 

Those, therefore, who had to travel over it took wood, and water, and oil, and rice in their carts, and traveled during the night. And at daybreak they formed an encampment and spread and awned over it, and, taking their meals early, they passed the day lying in the shade. At sunset, they suffered, and when the ground had become cool hey yoked their oxen and went on. 

The traveling was like a voyage over the sea: a desert-pilot had to be chosen, and he brought Caravan saved to the other side by his knowledge of the stars. “Thus the merchant of our story crossed the desert. And when he had passed over fifty-nine leagues his thought, “now, in one more night we shall get out of the sand, and after supper, he directed the wagons to be yoked, and so set out. 

The pilot had cushions arranged on the foremost cart and lay down, looking at the stars and directing the men where to drive. But worn out by want of rest during the long march, he fell asleep and did not perceive that the oxen had turned around and taken in the same road by which they had come. 

The oxen went on the whole night through. Towards dawn, the pilot woke up. And observing the stars, called out: “Stop the wagons, stop the wagons!” That they broke just as they stopped and were drawing up the carts in a line. 

The men cried out: “why this is the very encampment we left yesterday! We have but little wood left and our water is all gone! We are lost!” and unyoking the oxen and spreading the canopy over their heads. 

They laid down in despondency, the Bodhisattva said to himself, “if I lose heart, all these men will perish, and walk about while the morning is yet cool. On seeing a tuft of grass, he thought: “this could have grown only by soaking up some water which must be beneath it.” and he made them bring it, spade them, bring a spade and dig in that spot. And they dug sixty cubits deep. 

And when they had God thus far, the spade of the diggers struck on a rock: and as soon as it struck, they all gave up again the Bodhisattva thought, “there must be water under the rock,” and descending into the well he got on the stone, and stooping down applied his ear to it and tested the sound. 

He heard the sound of water gurgling beneath, and when he got out he called his page. “My Lad, if you give up now, We shall all be lost. Do not lose heart. Take this iron hammer, and go down into the pit, and give the rock a good blow.” the lad obeyed, and threw they all stood by in despair, he went down full of determination and struck at the stone. 

The Rock split in two and fell below so that it no longer blocked the stream, and water Rose till its depth from the bottom to the brim of the well equal to the height of a palm-tree. And they all drank of the water, and bathed in it. Then they cooked rice and ate it, and fed their oxen with it. And when the sunset, they put a flag in the well and went to the place appointed. 

There they sold their merchandise at a good profit. Handwritten to their homes, and when they died they passed away according to their deeds. And the Bodhisattva gave gifts and did other virtuous acts and he also passed away according to his deeds. 

After Buddha had told the story he formed the connection by saying in conclusion “the caravan the bodhisattva, future Buddha; the page who at that time despaired not, but broke the stone, and give water to the multitude, was this brother without perseverance; and the other men attendants  on the Buddha.”

You see in life, If you ever lose hope remember the times when you were courageous to remember the times and go back as far as when you were yah childhood you were a kid and did unbelievable thinks things that to your mom’s were unachievable never forget who you are and where you come from because you know all of us there is a little Buddha that is resolved always overcome all the obstacle that’s face him in life.

The Deer Brothers

motivational stories in english with moral, real life inspiring stories that touched heart, true motivational stories with moral

Once upon a time, there was a deer who was the leader of the herd of a thousand. He had two sons. One was very slim and tall with bright alert eyes and smooth reddish fur. He was called beauty. 

The other was gray in color, also slim and tall, and was called gray. One day, after they were fully grown their father called beauty and gray to him. He said: “my sons I am now very old. so I cannot do all that is necessary, to look after this big herd of deer. I want you: my two grown-up children, to be the leaders. 

While I retired from looking after them all the time, we will divide the herd. And each of you will need five hundred deer.” and so it was done. In India, when the harvest time comes, the deer are always in danger. 

The rice is at its tallest, and the deer cannot help but go into the paddies and eat it. To avoid the destruction of their crops the human beings dug pits, set sharp stakes in the ground, and built stone traps. All to capture and kill the deer. Knowing this was the season, The voice of old deer called done to new leaders to him. 

He advised them to take the herds up into the mountain forest, far from the dangerous farmlands this was how he had always saved the deer song being wounded or killed Then he would bring them back to the lowlands after the harvest was over.since he was too old and weak for the trip, he would remain behind the hiding. 

He warned them to be careful and have a safe journey. Beauty set out with his herd for the mountain forest, and so did gray with his. The Village all along the way knew that this was the time the deer moved from low lying farmlands to the hi countryside so they hid along the way and killed the deer  As they passed. 

Gray did not pay attention to his father’s wise advice instead of being  Careful and traveling safely, he was in a hurry to get to the lush mountain forest. So he moved his herd constantly, during the night, at dawn and dusk, And even in broad daylight. 

This made it easy for the people to shoot the deer in gray’s herd with bows and arrows. Many were killed and many were wounded only to die in pain later on. Gray reached the forest with only a few deer remaining alive. 

But the tall, sleek, red-furred beauty. was wise enough to understand the danger to his moving herd. So he was very careful. He knew it was safer to stay away from the villages and from all humans. 

He knew it was not safe in the daytime or even at dawn and dusk so he let his herd wide around The villages, and moved only in the middle of the night. Beauty’s hard arrived in the mountain forest safe and sound with no one killed or injured. The two herds found each other and remained in the mountains until well after the harvest season was over. 

Then they began the return to the farmland country gray had learned nothing from the first trip as it was getting cold in the mountains, he was in a hurry to get to the warmer lowlands. So he was just as careless as before. And again, the people hid along the way and attacked and killed the deer. 

All Gray’s herd were killed later to be eaten or sold by The villagers. Gray himself, was the only one who survived the journey. Beauty led his herd in the same careful way as before and again, he brought back all five hundred deer completely safe. 

While the deer was still in the distance, the old chief said to his doe: “look at the deer coming back to us! Beauty has all his followers with him, Gray comes limping back alone, Without his whole herd of five hundred. 

Those who follow a wise leader with good qualities will always be safe! Those who follow a foolish leader who is careless and things only to himself, will fall into travels and be destroyed.” After some time the old deer died and was reborn as he deserved. Beauty became Chief of the herd and lived a long life loved and admired by all

You see in life.. the truth is: you are both, you are beautiful, and you are gray! Your leader is within your heart, within your head. It is up to you.which voice you listen to.

Will you listen to gray, or to beauty? Will you be selfish, and only think of yourself, and move full of fear and hastily, or will you be brave and take care of yourself, as well as everyone around you and your family, your friends, your community.

Believe in Yourself, A Great Motivational Moral Story

motivational stories in english with moral, real life inspiring stories that touched heart, true motivational stories with moral

South of the town of Savatthi is a great river and once upon a time, on the banks of this river lay a Hamlet of five hundred houses. Thinking of the salvation of the people, Buddha decided to go to the village and preach his doctrine. 

Having come to the riverside he sat down beneath a tree, And The villagers seeing the glory of his appearance approached him with reverence but when he began to preach, they believed him not. And when Buddha had left Savatthi a man called Sariputta felt a desire to see the Lord and to hear him preach. 

Coming to the river where the water was deep and the current strong, he said to himself: “This stream shall not prevent me. I shall go and see the blessed one”, and he stepped on the water which was as firm under his feet as a slab of granite. 

When he arrived at a place in the middle of the stream where the waves were high, Sariputta’s heart gave way, and he began to sink. But rousing his faith and renewing his mental effort, he proceeded as before and reached the other bank. 

The people of the village were astonished to see Sariputra, And they asked How he could cross the stream where there was neither a bridge nor a ferry. And Sariputta replied: “I lived in ignorance till I heard the voice of the Buddha. 

As I was anxious to hear the doctrine of salvation, I crossed the river and I walked over its troubled waters because I had faith. Faith. Nothing else enabled me to do so, and now I am here in the bliss of the master’s presence.” and Buddha said: “Sariputra, you have spoken well. 

Faith like yours alone can save the world and humanity and Buddha urged to the villagers the necessity of ever advancing in the conquest of sorrow and of casting off all shackles so as to cross the river of worldliness and attain deliverance from death. 

Hearing the words of the Tathagatha, the villagers were filled with joy and started to believe in the doctrines of the blessed one.

You see in life.. faith. Faith along is everything whether it is faith in the right teaching, faith in your own abilities call faith for your success as long as you believe the faith will keep you upon the water as soon as you lose the faith you will start to drown you will notice it immediately whenever you catch yourself losing hope, losing faith remember this story of Sariputra. How he started to sink once he lost faith, but soon after he regained his faith and was able to achieve whatever he wanted.

Luck Comes From Your Actions

motivational stories in english with moral, real life inspiring stories that touched heart, true motivational stories with moral

Once upon a time, there was a rich family leaving Benares, in northern India. They Arranged for their son to Marry a good honest girl from a nearby village. Being very pretty as well, they were sure they could not find a better wife for their son. The groom’s family decided on a date for the wedding. 

The bride’s family agreed to meet them in the village on the wedding day. Meanwhile, the rich family also had their own, special astrological priest. And when he found out they had picked a wedding day without paying him to consult the stars, he became angry. 

He decided to get even with them.. when the wedding day arrived, the astrological priest dressed up in his finest robes… and called the family together. 

He bowed to them all, and then looked at his star – chart very seriously he told them that this star was too close to the horizon, and that planet was in the middle of an unlucky constellation, and the moon was in a very dangerous phase for having a wedding. 

He told them that not seeking his advice, they had picked the worst day of the year for a wedding that could only lead to a terrible marriage. The frightened family forgot all about the wonderful qualities.. of the intended bridge and remained home in Benares. 

Meanwhile, the bride’s family had arranged everything for the village wedding ceremony. When the agreed-upon hour arrived, they waited And waited for the future husband and his family, finally they realized they were not coming. 

So they thought, those City people picked the date and time, and now they didn’t show up! This is insulting, why should we wait any longer! Let our daughter Marry an honorable and hardworking man from our village! So they quickly arranged a new marriage and celebrated the wedding. 

The next day, the astrological priest said that suddenly the stars, planets, and moon were in perfect positions for a wedding. So the Benares family went to the village and asked for the wedding to take place. 

But the village people said: “you picked the date and time, Then you disgraced us by not showing up!” The city people replied: “Our family priest told us that yesterday, the stars and planets, and moon were in a terrible position, it would be a very unlucky day for a wedding! 

But he has assured us that today is the luckiest day. So please send us the bride at once! The village family said: “you have no honor, you have made the choice of the day more important, then the choice of the bride. It is too late now! Our daughter has married another!” And so the two families began to quarrel heavily. 

A wise man happened to come along. Seeing the two families quarreling so much, he tried to settle the dispute. The city people told him that they had respected the warnings of their astrological priest. It was because of the unlucky positions of the stars, and planets, and Moon, that they had not come to the wedding. 

The wise man said: “the good fortune was in the bride, not in the stars. You are said to have followed the stars and lost The bride. Without your foolishness, those far off stars can do nothing!” 

You see life, your luck comes from your actions. and not from the stars you can wait and wait from the perfect constellation in the stars for your great day to come but those stars so far away can’t do anything likewise, if you just sit around and wait for something to happen nothing will ever happen! Your luck comes from your actions; it is you who determines When the perfect day is for your life and that day is now!

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