7 Beautiful Short Adventure Story In English (2020)

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Short Adventure Story In English You Will Love

The Donkey And The Dog


In a small town, there lived a potter. He had a dog to guard his house and pottery, and a donkey to carry his load. Whenever the master came, the dog used to bark a little to welcome him.

He ran up to the master and raised his front legs and put them on the master. The master pets the dog and gives him nice food to eat. The donkey used to watch this daily routine from a distance.

He began to feel jealous of the dog. He thought with  jealousy, “What an easy life for the dog! He just roams around. He barks at strangers. That’s all this work. Yet, he is being cared for with love and affection. But look at me! I carry all the loads. Yet, all I get is hard blows  and left-overs for eating”. So the donkey decided to behave in the same ways as the dog, in order to get nice treatment from his master.

He roamed here and there and neighed a little, ran to him, and wagged his tail. He started to lift his front legs. The master got annoyed. He took a long stick and landed heavy blows. Poor donkey. And the moral of the story is Jealousy will not serve good.

The Miller, His Son And The Ass


 One day a long time ago, an old Miller and his son were on their way to market with an ass, which they hoped to sell. They drove him very slowly for they thought they would have a better chance to sell him if they kept him in good condition.

As they walked along the highway some travelers laughed loudly at them. One said, “What foolishness, to walk when they might as well ride the donkey.” Miller did not like to be laughed at so he told his son to climb up and ride.

They had gone a little farther along the road when three merchants passed by. They said to the boy, “Oho what have we here! respect old age young men, get down and let the old man ride. Though Miller was not tired he made the boy get down and climbed up himself to ride.  just to please the merchants.

At the next turnstile they overtook some women carrying market baskets loaded with vegetables and other things to sell. Exclaimed one of them, “Look at the old fool. Perched on the ass while that poor boy has to walk.” The Miller felt a bit vexed but to be agreeable he told the boy to climb up behind him.

They had no sooner started out again than a loud shout went up from another company of people on the road. Cried one, “What a crime! To load up a poor and dumb beast like that. They look more able to carry the poor creature than he can carry them. Another said, “They must be on their way to sell the poor things Hyde.”

The Miller and his son quickly scrambled down, and a short time later the marketplace was thrown into an uproar. As the two came along carrying the donkey slung from a pole. A great crowd of people ran out to get a closer look at the strange sight.

The ass did not dislike being carried, but so many people came up to point at him and laugh and shout that he began to kick and Bray. And then just as they were crossing a bridge the ropes that held him gave way, and downs and tumbled into the river. The poor Miller now set out sadly for home by trying to please everybody, he appeased nobody and lost his ass besides.

The Guest


Once upon a time, there lived a King who ruled over a kingdom. From the time he gets up till he goes to bed, he is busy listening and solving the problems of his people.

How can a King be without a palace. The King had a huge cot with beautiful wood work on it. The bed was covered with an expensive mattress and bed cover. At the end of the day the King used to have his dinner and go to bed.

There were always two guards outside his bedroom. Where nothing could be entered, a lice somehow entered the King’s mattress. When the King was fast asleep the lice lived by sucking his blood.

Suddenly, one day, a bedbug stood in front of the parasite, And gave him a shock. Parasite asked, “Hey… Who are you? How did you come here?” Bag said, “I am a bedbug. By mistake, I came along with the King’s laundry clothes, and entered the bedroom. It is suitable for me and my family, to live in this bed and mattress. I simply love this place.”

Parasite said, “Enough. Stop it.  Don’t talk too much. It’s not an ordinary place. It’s a palace, our King’s bedroom allowing you inside is a big mistake. Get out immediately.”

Bedbug said, “Brother, Don’t get angry. If you permit me, I will live in a corner. I have tasted many kinds of blood. But not even once have I tasted the King’s blood. I don’t know the taste of it. So allow me to stay just for today And I leave. Please don’t refuse brother.”

Parasite said, “Okay. Okay. I pity you. But on one condition. You satisfy your hunger only when the King is fast asleep. But if you wish earlier, It will be very dangerous for both of us. Do you understand?”

Bedbug said, “Believe me brother, I will not do that like that. Only after you satisfy your hunger, I will start my job. Will you not go back on your words? Definitely I will not. How can I trouble you who have been kind enough to permit me to stay here.”

After this conversation, they both waited anxiously for the King’s arrival. The King came and sat on the bed. He was immersed in deep thought. The lice waited patiently, but the bedbug could not control his happiness. Since it was filled with excitement, he ran and bit the King.

King shouted, “Who is there? Something has bitten me. Look whether it is a lice or a bedbug.”  Two guards came inside with sticks. On seeing them the lies started shivering with fear. While the bedbug hid himself in the corner of the cot. The guards killed it.

Moral: Thus we have learned that we should understand the person’s nature before helping him. Or else the helper himself will have to face the difficulties. So, you too should be very careful.

The Miser


Once upon a time there lived a Miser. He had buried his gold in a secret place in his garden. Every day he went to the spot, dug up the treasure, and counted it piece by piece to make sure it was all there.

He made so many trips that a Thief, who had been observing him, guessed what it was the Miser had hidden, and one night quietly dug up the treasure and made off with it.

When the Miser discovered his loss, he was overcome with  grief and despair. He groaned and cried  and tore his hair. A passerby heard his cries and  asked what had happened. The Miser cried, wildly, “My gold! O my gold!” someone has robbed me!”

Passerby said, “Your gold! There in that hole? Why did you put it there? Why did you not keep it in the house where you could easily get it when you had to buy things?”

The Miser angrily screamed, “Why, I never touched the gold. I couldn’t think of spending any of it.” The stranger picked up a large stone and threw it into the hole and said, “If that is the case, cover up that stone. It is worth just as much to you  as the treasure you lost!” So the moral of the story is ‘A possession is worth no more than the use we make of it.’

The Magic Hat


A great while ago, when the world was full of wonders, a poor fisherman who lost his boat in the middle of the sea due to a storm, reached shore swimming. When he returned home and said to his wife, “Honey, I lost the only boat that I had. What are we going to do for the living?”

His wife said, “Don’t worry sweetheart. You can anytime build a new boat out of a tree trunk.” He said, “That’s a brilliant idea. I’ll go to the forest, right away.”  The very night, the fisherman went in search of a tree, and also got lost in the woods.

Suddenly he saw something and said, “Ah! There is a house in the distance. I shall seek the help of the dwellers.” The fisherman went to the house and knocked on its door. And, there came an old couple. They said “What can I do for you, young man?”

The fisherman said, “I couldn’t find my way out of the woods. Can I please stay in your house till the sun comes up?” They said, “Sure, please come in”.

Sometime later he said, “Sir, have you got anything for me to eat? I’m starving.” They said, “Rest here young man, we will be back in a while, with dinner.” He said, “Thanks for your kindness.”

The old couple left the place and entered a room, but the fisherman was eager to find out what they were preparing for the night. So, he peeped into the room where the couple entered. On seeing the couple vanish by hats.

He said, “What did they just do? These hats must have some magical powers. The fisherman wore one of the hats and ordered the hat to follow the couple. And he reached a place.

He said, “Where am I? Ah! Deliciousness, deliciousness,  everywhere!!!” The fisherman found the old couple, stealing the food. He said, “Ah, now I know what you do”.

They said, “Young man you shouldn’t be here.” He said, “You don’t tell me what to do. I’m going to stay here and eat all the food.” They said  “Okay, it’s time for us to flee.” The old couple vanished, And the fisherman began to feed on everything that came to his sight.

He said, “What a wonderful dinner!” And he slept there. Sometimes later there came in soldiers, they said, “You’re the culprit who is stealing food every day. I’ll take you to the king.” They catched him to the king.

They said, ‘Majesty, he is the culprit who we were looking.” King said, “Ah! Set him on fire! Now.” They said to the fisherman, “Do you have any last wish?” 

Then he Thinked something, and he got an idea. He said, “I want to wear my cap, for one last time. It means a lot to me.” King asked, “The cap? That’s it. Soldier put that on his head.” So did the soldier, and as soon as he wore the cap, and he said, “Go home, go home”

The fisherman vanished, and reappeared in front of his home, still tied to the tree trunk. His wife saw him and said, “Sweetheart, I’m glad that you’re back with a trunk. But, why have you tied yourself to it?” And He said, “Honey, that’s called fate.”

The Adventure Of Sinbad


Once upon a time in Baghdad, there lived a handsome and courageous sailor called Sinbad. He loved the sea so much that he was always sailing and people lovingly called him Sinbad the sailor.

One day, Sinbad joined a group of merchants to sail with them to the power Island. After a few days the ship got caught in a bad Storm. He said, “The ship will not survive the storm.” The ship’s hand broke, and the ship fell apart.

All the men on the ship died, except Sinbad and Hakim. They both swam to the shore of the closest island. Sinbad said, “Looks like we are the only one who survived.” Hakim said, “Yes, most men went down when the ship broke open.”

Sinbad said, “We must find a way to escape from this island.” Hakim said, “Yes, first let us find the source of freshwater.” Both the men went deeper into the island to look for fresh food and water. As they explored the island, they heard someone walking around the tree.

It was a giant. They decided to follow him. They saw him cross through the jungle and go into a valley full of sparkling gems. The giant found a good place to sleep and slept off. Hakim and Sinbad were still watching all this when they heard a sound behind them. There was a tall man.

Sinbad asked, “Who is that?” He said, “It is just me. I used to be a merchant.” Hakim asked him, ” What are you doing here?” He said, “This is the valley of diamonds. I had come to this island many many years ago in search of the diamonds. The giant caught hold of me and has kept me as his servant now.”

Hakim asked him, “Why haven’t you tried to escape yet?” He said, “I have many a time, but the child is very smart and scary. The only way to kill him is with a magical sword kept inside a cave. And protected by a poisonous snake.”

Sinbad said, ” I have a plan.” Sinbad told his friends the plan. While the Giants slept, Sinbad quietly went into the cave, and got the sword out. He then went sleeping giant and drove the sword through his heart.

Hakim and the merchants were very happy to see the end of the giant. All of them looked for strong wood and made a raft to sail you back home.

The Growing Gold


Once long ago, in a little village that lay in the midst of high hills and far-flung fields, there lived a poor old farmer with his two lazy sons.The poor farmer owned a little piece of land in front of his house, and he worked hard all day in it.

Meanwhile, his sons were lazily dreaming about luxuries and gold. One day, the poor man said to himself, “The laziness of my sons, it’s been keeping me up at night. After me, they might end up helpless.”

And, suddenly he got an idea. He said, “Umm, this should work. Hey, sons! I know you’re fond of gold. Don’t you?” They said, “That’s a foolish question father. Who wouldn’t like gold? We love it!” Old man said, “Yes, yes, I knew. That’s why I am here. I buried a large pot of gold in our field, a long time ago. So, before I die, I wanted to hand it over to you.”

They were surprised and asked, “Is that for real? A large pot of gold? How deep is it? Where is it exactly?” Old man said, “Poor children, forgive this old man, for I don’t remember the place. You have to plough the whole land for the gold.”

The next day, both the sons, began to plough the field, solely. And, by the end of the day, they came and said “Oh, father, we’ve ploughed the whole land. We’re tired. The gold must have been buried low, for the plough to reach.” Old man said, “Don’t worry sons, I’ll tell you a solution tomorrow.”

The next day, the old man asked his children to sow seeds in the field. Old man said, “These seeds will stretch their strong roots to the gold, and you can pull it out easily.” So did the sons. And, they got disappointed as the crops didn’t shoot up.

Old man said, “Seeds have to be watered regularly, for them to grow.” They said, “Anything, for the gold.” But, the next day, things began to be different. The sons of the old man started loving what they were doing.

They said, “Father the smell of the wet mud. It’s very pleasant.” They worked every single day, till the harvest. And, we were so happy to see the grown crops. Old man said,  “Sons, this is the gold I was telling you. The growing gold! With this gold, you not only feed yourself, but millions and millions of lives. That’s the beauty of farming, my dear sons.” The sons realized their fault, and they were so happy to have become farmers.

So we have learned from the story, The two sons in the story missed the real happiness in their lives for a long time, because of their laziness. So remember, happiness is, working hard, and helping others.

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