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5 Best short English moral stories


The Fox and Stork

Once upon a time, there lived a fox who always made fun of his neighbor- the Stork. One day the fox thought of a plan to amuse himself at the expense of the stork!

“You must come and dine with me today”

he said to the stork smiling himself at the trick he was going to play.

The stork gladly accepted the invitation. He arrived at the right time, and with a very good appetite!

The fox served soup for the dinner. But it was set out in a very shallow dish. The stork, because of his long beak couldn’t even get a drop of soup, and all he could do was wet his beak!

The Fox lapped up the soup easily, and to increase the disappointment of the stork, made a great show of enjoyment!

The hungry stork was very angry at the fox. But the stork was a calm and even-tempered fellow, so he saw no good in showing his anger there.

Instead, the stork invited the fox for dinner at his home the next day. The fox arrived promptly, and he was very hungry!

The stork served fish dinner that had a very appetizing smell. The stork served the dinner in a tall jar with a very narrow neck.

The stork could easily get at the food with his narrow bill, but all the Fox could do was lick the outside of the jar, and sniff at the delicious odor.

The fox then lost his temper and shouted at the stork for behaving like this.

The stork then calmly replied, “Do not play tricks on your neighbors, unless you can stand the same treatment yourself!”

The fox was ashamed of what he did, and he went back to his home. They both became good friends from that day.

Moral : Treat your friend like a good friend all the time. Never insult a friend under any circumstances.


The Golden Egg

Once upon a time, there lived a farmer who is very poor. He was very much dedicated to his work and his earnings fulfilled all his needs.

One fine evening, After returning from his work, He was very much hungry. He said

“Oohh, What shall I cook tonight?”

Just then, He heard a hen, Clucking outside his hut. He said, “Well, That hen Will make a really good feast for me.”

With a little effort, the farmer caught the hen. As he was about to kill the hen, The hen squeaked. The man said, “Farmer,

please don’t kill me, I will help you.”

The farmer said, “What is this? A hen that can speak? Ahhh, Okay, I will not kill you then. But how can you help me, please let me know.”

The hen said,”If you leave me without killing,I will lay a golden egg, every day for you.”

The farmer was surprised and Said,”What ?

A golden egg! That to every day? But why should I be believing you now? You might be lying to me right ?”

Then the hen Politely said, “Please believe me. If I do not lay a golden egg tomorrow, You can kill me.”

The farmer said with consent, “Fine, I will wait till tomorrow then.”The farmer put aside the hen, without killing it.

The next morning, As soon as the farmer woke up, He went near the chicken to find whether it had laid any golden eggs.

The farmer said, “Oh! Is it true? Ah! It’s an egg of solid gold.”He happily took the golden egg and went to the town to sell it.

He stood in the middle of the street and shouted, “Golden eggs are for sale, golden eggs are for sale now.”

A woman asked him, “What? Is it really a golden egg?” The farmer said, “Yes, it is an egg of solid gold.”Soon the crowd gathered around him and were amazed to see the golden egg.

One said I want it. The other one said, No, it’s mine. Everyone started talking, I wanted to buy it. Sell it to me.

The farmer said, “It’s all yours then. Don’t worry,I will bring another one tomorrow now. There are enough for everybody.”The farmer sold the golden egg for a good price.

The next day, When he woke up, He went straight to look out whether there was another golden egg. He said, “Good, Very good, another golden egg.I’ll sell it right away.”

And once again, he went to town and sold the egg. He said, Golden egg for sale. ” Then a lady asked him, “Tell me, how much do you want for it?” The farmer sold the egg to the omen at his price.

After that day, the hen gave him a golden egg every day. As the farmer grew richer. because of the golden eggs, he became greedy too.

He said, “I want to have more and more money. I’m tired of waiting for everyday. Just for one golden egg, which is being laid.”

Then he thought and thought. He said, “I’m going to kill the hen. and I will find the goldmine she has inside, and I will have all her treasures at once.”

So the farmer decided to cut her open, and he found nothing inside the hen. Then he saw and said with a cry, “This can’t be, Where is the gold mine? Where are the treasures? Now I don’t have the hen and the golden eggs as well. What will I do now?”

Moral : Don’t be impatient and Don’t be greedy. Because Greed is a very bad thing.


Don’t be proud

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful village. There was a thick dense forest a little far away from the village. All the animals big and small lived there.

If there is a forest there will definitely be a king. The lion is the king of the forest And everyone called him Lion King.

Lion King had a very bad temper. Whether he is hungry or not.whichever animal comes in front of him, he will pounce on them and kill them.

So all the animals of the forest were scared of coming in front of him. The rest of the animals in the forest didn’t like this dictatorship ever.

So all the animals discussed and decided on a solution. And they went to the lion king and conveyed it to him with hesitance.

Bear called him, “King… Oh, King.” The lion said, “Who is it? who is shouting in front of my den?”

The elephant said.”Please excuse us, great King, We all have come here to discuss something very important with you. You should listen without getting angry.”

The Lion said, “What !! You all are my slaves. I Am your king, Should I listen to what you people say. All of you, run for your lives before I come out and kill you.”

The Deer said with a cry, “That’s why I told you at the beginning itself. It’s a very bad decision. It’ll end up in danger. None of you listened to me.”

The monkey said, “Okay, Okay, Don’t cry, wipe off your tears. Nothing will happen as you think.”

And the monkey ki Said to the lion, “Okay, what you say is true? We don’t deny it. But we were of the opinion that being old, you need not go around the forest and search your food through.

Your anger that you did not get your food and hunger, put together is getting you a bad name, when you are supposed to get a good name। So…

Lion asked in anger,”So?”

The monkey said, “So If you stay in your den itself each and every animal will send one animal to you from their kind of food for you. You need not wander up and down the forest. What’s your opinion, Great King?

The Lion said, “Well! It is a good suggestion. I believe your words If you try to cheat me by not keeping up your words. I’ll come out and kill you all. Now go. All of you leave this place.

Every day one animal was sent to Lion’s den. The bones of eaten up animals piled up like a mountain in front of Lion’s den.

One day it was the turn for the rabbit to go into the den. The mother rabbit was all in tears to send the child rabbit.

What to do!! To keep up the commitment to the lion, it had to send the child rabbit. The rabbit, not knowing the fact that the Lion was going to eat it up, danced joyfully all the way to the den.

The Lion was roaring in anger as well as hunger and he said, “Let the rabbit come, I’ll fry him in the burning oil pan.”

Then The little rabbit come and say,”King, Oh King,Please forgive me.”

The Lion said in anger, “Hey, you silly rabbit, why so late? You thought you can cheat me? Didn’t your mother tell me that I can stand hunger? See what I am going to do to you now.”

The rabbit said, “Oh King! Please wait for a minute, even now I’m here to be eaten up by you. You should know the reason for my delay then you can eat me, however you want.”

Lion said,”Tell me fast, Don’t waste time.”

Rabbit said, “I saw a Lion King like you on way to your den, He said, he is your enemy and he spoke ill of you and your courage.

I escaped tactfully from him and came here. Now you do whatever you want, I’ll happily die.”

Lion said, “What? An enemy for me too in this forest, who is it? where is he? show me.”The rabbit said, “Oh King No! You are hungry. First, you eat me up, and then you can search for him.”

Lion said,”Now I am not hungry,I only have to drive to kill him.I have to kill.”

The Rabbit said, “You are the King of this forest, Suppose something happens to your life.in the encounter with him. Oh King, please leave him.”

Lion said, “Even if I die it is okay, I should not have any enemy. I will not allow anyone to exist opposing me. Come with me, show me where he is.”

The Rabbit pointed to a well and said, “Oh King, he was hiding inside this well. Maybe he hid from seeing you.

The Lion said, “Hey who is it? Come Out.”The King peeps into the well. It sees its own reflection on the well on the water, and it jumps inside and dies. All the animals rejoiced on seeing the bravery of the rabbit.

Moral : You should not brag about yourself all the time. Never think big of yourself by making others small.


Two Travelers and The Bear

One day, two men were traveling through a forest. Suddenly, a huge Bear crashed out of the bush near them.

One of the men, thinking of his own safety, climbed the tree nearby. He didn’t even try to help his friend, who stood on the ground.

The other, unable to fight the savage beast alone, threw himself on the ground and lay still as if he were dead.

He had heard that a Bear will not touch a dead body. It must have been true, for the Bear snuffed at the man’s head awhile, and then, seeming to be satisfied that he was dead, walked away.

The Man in the tree climbed down and said, “It looked just as if that Bear whispered in your ear. What did he tell you?”

The other one answered, “He said that it was not at all wise to keep company with a fellow, who would desert his friend in a moment of danger.”

Moral:  Remember that, Misfortune is the test of true friendship. A true friend will never leave your company even in bad times.


Princess Chandralekha

King Vikram was given the duty of bringing Betal to a tantric. Betal traditionally means ‘evil spirit’. Each time Vikram tried to capture Betal, it told him a story that ended with a riddle.

If Vikram could not answer the question correctly, Betal agreed to remain in captivity. But, if the king knew the answer and still kept quiet, his head would burst into a thousand pieces. And if King Vikram spoke, Betal would escape and return to his tree.

Betal began another story, as he was being carried upon King Vikramaditya’s shoulders. A long time ago, there was a beautiful and intelligent princess named Chandralekha.

Many suitors came to offer proposals of marriage to her. She always declined, saying, “My husband should be strong, courageous and talented.”

One day, a prince named Virendra came to propose to Chandralekha. He said, “I can tell the fortune of people and have never been proven wrong.”

Chandralekha offered him a chamber in the palace to stay in while she made her decision.

The next day, Prince Udaivir arrived, want- ing to have her hand in marriage.“I have a chariot which can run on land as well as in the sky,” said the prince.hoping to impress her. He too was offered a chamber in the palace to wait.

On the third day, Prince Dhananjay came to ask for Chandralekha’s hand in marriage.

He boasted, “I am an unparalleled warrior.

No one can destroy me!”.Chandralekha asked him to wait while she chose between the three.

The next morning, Chandralekha’s mother

was horrified to find her daughter was missing.Scared for her well being, she called upon the three princes to help find the princess.

Prince Virendra closed his eyes for a moment and then said, “As a fortune teller, I can see that the princess has been kidnapped by a giant who wants to marry her.”

Next, Prince Udaivir said, “My chariot is the fastest, we can rush to save the princess!”With that, the three princes rode off in the chariot.

Upon reaching the giant’s lair, Prince Dhananjay took out his sword, fought the giant bravely, and won. Chandralekha was returned safely to her mother and the kingdom was at peace.

“So tell me King Vikramaditya,” said Betal.

“Who should the princess choose as her groom?”

King Vikramaditya thought and then said, “Prince Dhananjay deserves to be the groom. Even though Prince Virendra foretold where the princess would be and Prince Udaivir used his chariot to take them there, Prince Dhananjay defeated the giant. Without his strength, the giant would have eaten them all!”

Betal looked at the king and said, “Right

you are, my king. But you have opened your mouth to speak and so I must fly away, back to my tree!” With that, Betal was chased once more by King Vikramaditya.


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