5 Great Short English Stories for kids (2020)

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Short English Stories for kids with PDF


Elephants And The Mice

Once the Elephants from the forest joined together, and went in search of food to another place. While the elephants were travelling, Many mice got killed under their feet.

So all the mice held a meeting. They decided to meet the head of the elephants, to convey their fear, and to bring a solution to this problem.

The chief of the mice stood in front of the elephants, who were walking majestically.

The elephant said, “Who is blocking our path? If you want to live, run away from here.”

The chief of the mice said, ” Don’t get angry. You’re well known for your bravery throughout the world. I haven’t come to disturb your journey, by blocking your way. I have come to tell our fear of death.

Many of our group mates died under your feet. So if you can change the direction of your journey, we’ll be very happy. Can you please do it?”

The elephant said, “I pity you all. Our aim is not to destroy you all. We don’t mind changing our direction. Don’t worry, we will not bother you in any way.

The chief of the mice said, “Thank you. We are very grateful to you. Instead of making fun of us, you have accepted our request. In return, we’ll help you when the need arises. Okay, See you.”

The elephant said, “Isn’t it funny to hear that such tiny mice are going to help gigantic animals like us?”

One day as usual, the elephants went to have their bath in the lake. They were caught unexpectedly in the hunter’s net. Their trumpeting echoed throughout the forest.

On hearing this noise, the mice knew that the elephants were in danger. So all the mice ran towards the direction, from where the sound came.

The mice understood the suffering of the elephants, and bit and tore the net with their sharp teeth, and freed the elephants.

The elephants thanked the mice for their help by shaking their trunks. The mice sat on the elephant’s back and played happily.

Moral: Don’t underestimate anybody on this earth. They can be of immense help to us at the time of need.


The Cunning Fox

Once, there lived a fox in a jungle. It was roaming about in search of food. It was an unlucky day for him. He could not get anything to eat. Tired and hungry, he walked on and on, until he strayed into a city.

He spotted a house, which belongs to a dye. There was a large tub in front of the house. Daily the dye used to fill this tub with one color. That day the tub was filled with blue color.

As the Fox was roaming for a long time, He became thirsty. He saw the tub and thought that it might contain water. He bent down to drink the water, but he lost his balance and fell into the tub.

The Fox realized it is not drinking water, but a dye. As he could see his body had become blue. So he understood that the other animals would not recognize him, As for them, he had been transferred to a new animal.

Fox is a very cunning animal. He started thinking, how to fool the other animals with this blue body and make a living out of it. He went back to the jungle, with his new appearance. Like a Leader, he shouted and called all the other animals.

He said, “Come here, Listen to me, I have been blessed by God. God has sent me here to be your chief. That is why he has gifted me, this blue color. I will protect you, All of you have to follow my orders.

If you don’t follow, You will make God unhappy. I want to cave like a Palace, And you have to provide me with all the good foods. Now all of you can leave. If a God’s messenger comes to the forest, Will he never be taken proper care of?”

The Fox, like a King, had the Lion on the left, and the tiger on the right, as guards. The monkeys stood beside him, and held plates full of grapes. The peacock danced in his court, while the cuckoo sang.

The Bear was his cook, The deer were his helpers. This blue Fox always stayed away from the other Foxes. Since  he knew that if they saw him, they would identify him. All the other Foxes were confused about one thing.

One Fox among them was missing. Since the day, the new King had arrived, So finally to find out the truth. They decided that the Fox will howl.

One day as planned, A Fox howled in the early hours of the day. On hearing, the Fox in the new form could not control itself, and started howling back.

As soon as the other animals heard his howling, immediately they opened their eyes and realized.

Oh God! He is just a Fox. He had been cheating us for so many days. We never realized his cunningness and carried out all his orders. They were so angry, That they pounced on him and tore into pieces.

Moral:  No one can fool everyone at all times, The truth cannot be hidden. It will come out one day.


The Rabbit and The Turtle

Once upon a time, in a far away village, there was a rabbit. One hot summer day, the rabbit wanted to go for a swim.

He went out from his den to find a river. Along the way, he met a turtle. And they began talking.

Rabbit said, “Hello turtle ! It’s hot today, isn’t it? Do you know if there’s a river near here? “Turtle said, “Yes, there’s one not far from here. If you follow the path, you’ll get there.”

The Rabbit asked, “Could you show me the way, please? The Turtle answered, 

“Sure!” So, the rabbit and the turtle started walking together to the river.

The Rabbit said, “Walk faster turtle. Walk faster! I want to get to the river quickly!”

The Turtle asked, “And why is that?”

The Rabbit answered, “Because I’m a rabbit. Rabbits are fast, Turtles are slow.” Not me replied to the turtle. Rabbits can run and hop. Turtles just crawl. laughed the rabbit. The Turtle protested, ”

Not me, I can walk and I can swim.”Well, I can jump! Turtles can’t.” The proud rabbit replied.

The  Turtle said, “Oh, really! But I can beat you in a race.” The Rabbit said, ” What! You can’t beat me in a race. I’m a rabbit. You’re just a turtle.””Well, let’s try and see.”  said the turtle.

So, the rabbit and the turtle decided to race to the big old tree on the other side of the river.

Get ready, get set, go! The rabbit went hop, hop. The turtle went walk, walk. After the rabbit had gone a long distance, he stopped and called, “Hey turtle, where are you?” A turtle sitting by a tree answered, “I’m here!”

The rabbit thinking that it was the same turtle he was racing was surprised. ” Oh!

There you are.” He exclaimed. And ran off again.

So the rabbit went hop, hop. After a long distance he stopped, and called, ” Hey turtle, where are you?” Another turtle sitting nearby answered, “I’m here!” 

Again, thinking that it was the same turtle he was racing the rabbit was very surprised, “Oh! There you are!”  He exclaimed. And hopped off again.

The rabbit went hop,hop. Hop, hop, hop! And again after a long distance, he stopped and called, “Hey turtle, where are you?” Another turtle sitting nearby answered, “I’m here!”

The rabbit was very surprised that the turtle could keep up with him. But he couldn’t let the turtle beat him so the rabbit went hop, hop, hop. Run, run, run. Faster and faster.

The rabbit was very, very tired and dropped to the ground. Thinking that he was far ahead and that there was no way for the turtle to catch him.

The rabbit decided to take a nap under a tree. And the turtle went walk,walk. Slowly and surely. He dove into the river and went swimming. Slowly but surely. And he crossed the river.

The turtle went for a walk. Slowly but surely. Patiently talking to himself. I’ll get there. I know I’ll get there.

The rabbit slept longer than he had thought. When he woke up, he called, “Hey turtle, where are you?” There was no answer. So, thinking he had won the race, the rabbit went hop, hop, hop to finish the race.

However, to his surprise, he found the turtle waiting for him at the finish line. The turtle had won the race!


The Little Red Hen

Once upon a time, the animals on a farm were left with no food. The Little Red Hen decided to wander around the field to look for something to eat.

She first went next to the cow and said, “will you come with me around the field to find something to eat?” The cow said, “I can’t be bothered to walk.”

She then went next to the pig and said,  “will you help me find food?” Pig said, “No I can’t come, it’s too hot and I can’t be bothered to move.”

 Later then when next to the dog and said, “Will you help me find food?” The dog said, “No I can’t, it’s too hot and I can’t walk when it’s hot.”

And in the end, went next to the duck and said, “Will you come with me to find something to eat?” Duck said, “No I can’t, it’s too hot, I can’t get out of the water.” 

When nobody bothered to come with her, the hen decided to leave the farm on her own. As she walked, she found some wheat grains on the ground.

She was very happy, she returned to the farm. She decided to plant the wheat grains. She thought that her friends would help her.

She said to the cow, “Cow look, I found wheat grains. would you like to plant them with me?” The cow said, “No, I already told you it’s too hot.”

The hen went over to the pig and said, “Pig look, I found lead grains. Would you like to plant them with me?” Pig said, “No I can’t, the weather is way too hot for this.”

She then went next to the dog and said, “Dog look, I found wheat grains, would you like to plant them with me?” The dog said, “No, it’s way too hot.”

And at last, she went next to the duck and said, “Hey Doc, I found some wheat grains. Would you like to plant them with me?” Duck said, “No I can’t, I can’t leave the water in this heat.” Then She said, “Well I’ll plant them myself.” 

When she saw that no one wanted to help her, she decided to plant them herself. Weeks had gone by and the rainy days had begun.

The seeds had sprouted, but all the wild grass in the garden needed some cleaning. The hen asked to everyone, “Who’s going down and cleaning the grass?”

Cow said, “It’s too muddy now, I can’t help you.” 

Pig said, “No, I’m not up to it. I won’t leave my spot.” 

Dog said, “I’ll get dirty, can’t do it.” 

Duck said, “Don’t feel good today, I can’t help.”

Hen said, ” In that case I’ll do it on my own.” 

The Little Red Hen began to clean the wild grass amongst the sprouts. Not long after the weight began to grow. It was now time to harvest the ripe wheat.

The hen went next to her friends and asked if they would help her harvest the crop. But no one helped her. Then she said,  “okay I’ll do it on my own.”

The Little Red Hen worked till night time. She harvested the wheat kernels one by one all by herself. It was now time to

Turn the wheat to flower off. She went to ask for help from her friends. But no one helped her.

The hen ground the wheat in the mill and turned it into flour. She said, “now let’s make some delicious bread.”

The hen went next to her friends and wanted to give them one last chance. She asked everyone about help, but no one helped her.

This time the hen was very angry. All by herself, she went to the kitchen, first she made bread with the flour, she had grounded. Then she gave it a form and at last put it in the oven and waited for it to bake.

After the amazing smell of the bread had spread, she took it out of the other, went out to the garden and sat on the table, and later called out to her friends.

She said, “Hey guys! the bread is ready, who would like to eat it with me? seeing the amazing bridge in front of the hen in a fresh they all went next to her. Everyone wants to eat it.

But then said, “I can’t, I did everything on my own. only I deserve to eat it all on my own.” With great appetite, the hen began to eat her bread, but couldn’t handle the fact that her friends were so hungry.

She said, “From now on if you promise to help, I will share my bread with you. All the farmyard animals were ashamed and sorry they knew, She was right.

The hen knew her friends learned a good lesson, so she shared her bread with them with an amazing appetite. They were now so happy with a food tummy.


The Wolf and the lamb

Once, a little lamb was grazing on a meadow, along with a flock of sheep. Being very mischievous, the little lamb wandered some distance away from the flock.

It began to enjoy the fresh and delicious grass that it found there. It had come a long way from its flock, but was unaware of that. The lamb was also unaware of another fact. A wolf was closely following it.

When the lamb realized that it had lost its way and was far away from the flock, it decided to return and join them.

However, the lamb was stunned to see a hungry and cunning wolf standing behind it. The lamb realized that there was no option except to surrender itself to the wolf.

The lamb asked the wolf, “Are you going to eat me?” The wolf said, “Yes, at any cost!”

The lamb said again, “But can you please wait for some more time? I have eaten a lot of grass now and my stomach is filled with grass.

If you eat me now, you will feel as though you are eating grass! So please wait until the grass is digested.”

The wolf agreed, “Oh yes, I will wait. You are here before me and I can wait for some more time!” The lamb thanked the wolf.

After some time, the wolf got ready to kill the lamb, but the lamb stopped him again and he said, “Dear wolf, please wait for some more time.

 The grass is yet to be digested. If you eat me now, you will see a lot of grass in my stomach! Let me dance and then it will be digested easily.” The wolf agreed.

The little lamb danced crazily for a while, and then suddenly stopped. The wolf inquired what had happened?

The lamb said, “I cannot dance properly because there is no music. Do you see this bell around my neck? Can you untie this bell and ring it loudly? Then I can dance and the grass in my stomach also gets digested quicker.”

The wolf, overcome with the desire to eat the lamb, was ready to do anything. He removed the bell tied to the lamb’s neck and rang it with all his might.

Meanwhile, the shepherd was searching for the little lamb and heard the bell ringing. He saw the wolf and the lamb.

He ran towards the wolf with a stick. Seeing the shepherd with a stick, the wolf ran away, and the lamb was saved।

Moral: Physical strength is not sufficient. Sometimes, weaker people with smart minds can overcome physically strong ones.

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