5+ Best Small Inspirational Story In English (2020)

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6 Great Small Inspirational Story In English

In Search For The Master


There was a very talented teacher. He was a great orator, could speak very well, and convince very well people. And he had fair knowledge in scriptures and spiritual techniques also. He was very good.

But he was not complete, he was in search of a master. Though he was honored by the kings and the public everybody honored him but he lacked the final touch. He was just wanting to surrender to the master, because he didn’t have a master at that time.

Only when time comes will the master also come. So time had come then he had to know who his master would be and he was in search of it. And then he was departing from the kingdom the king said “It is so far away, it’s 300 kilometers, so you can not walk and go you take my palanquin”.

He sat in the palanquin, and started going towards the master, and when he arrived in the town he asked ” Okay, take me to the master”. And then one of the men who was carrying the palanquin, got up and said ” Here he is, I am him.”

It was so moving he fell in his feet immediately and said ” How could you come? How could you do this? How could I carry me up in the palanquin etc, From where have you been carrying?”

He said, “Half the way I heard you are coming to see me half the way I came. To bring you to,now come let’s go”. So half the way the master came and carried the palanquin of the disciple and brought him to the place and told “See I am here I am, I am the person you are looking for.”

You take one step towards the master, the master will take ten steps towards you. But the one step one has to take. That’s the story of the traditional masters, So much humbleness, humility, simplicity, resonating.

Richard And The Balloon Man 


Once upon a time, there used to be a little boy called Richard. He was dark and beautiful. He had these big eyes, curly hair short and sweet. Anybody who’d see him would fall in love with this cute little guy.

Richard lived in a country called Africa. In those days, in Africa, there was slavery. The black people, the ones who were dark, were not allowed to do anything of their choice. Whenever he would run up to his master and say, “I want to have an ice cream.” He would say, “no.” 

Whenever he would run and say, “I want to play.” He would say, “no no.” And whenever he would say, “I want to go and sleep.” He would not be allowed to even do that. He came to realize that whatever he wanted, he could never do. Because he was dark, because he was black.

And he started convincing himself, saying, “okay, this is what my life is about, I can’t do anything. So let me always listen to my master. He becomes a very obedient child, who always listens to the master and everybody you know the kind of really lets’s him be.

But one fine day, he makes a big mistake, And the master gets very angry. And he says, “get out, but your punishment is the whole day, you are going to clean the farm and the garden in the scorching sun.

Richard is a small little child, so he turns up and says, ” But it’s very hot outside.” He says, “No problem, you made the mistake, you need to learn. go out now.” And Richard goes out crying, and he starts working.

 He cleans and he cleans the farm, he cleans the garden. He has no time to look around because he has to finish all of this before the sun goes down. But while cleaning, he looks up for a moment and he sees something that he has never seen before in his life.

What is this? There’s a blue color in the sky. Yes but the sky has always been blue. How is there a red color in the sky? there’s a green! there’s an orange! there’s a white. What are these things? What are these colors in the sky? He’s so curious and he’s so excited to see these colors fly up in the sky.

 He doesn’t know what it is, because he’s never seen it. He looks in that direction from where all these colors are coming up and he finds there is a man on the cycle sending these colors up.

Richard runs towards him and he forgets his master will scold him. He runs in excitement, he runs in curiosity. And he goes up to this man and he says, “Uncle uncle what is this? What are these colors going up?

 The guy turns back and he says, “This is a balloon. What’s your name little boy? You look so cute. Have you never seen a balloon?” And the boy says, “My name is Richard. A balloon? I have never seen a balloon. There are so many colors. These balloons can fly. I saw a red going up. I saw blue going up. I saw a green going up. And then uncle I found a white going up.

But I want to ask you something. And the balloon uncle says, “what is it Richard? ask me.” He says, “I saw the white going up. Do you think a black will also go up?” So listening to Richard’s question, the balloon man understands where Richard is coming from. 

He looks straight into Richards’s eyes and he tells him, “Richard here! hold this black balloon and see for yourself.”  And gives him the black balloon and Richard leaves it. And he was surprised to see the black balloon also fly. He’s filled with joy and excitement and he’s like, “The black also flew, the black balloon flew “

And the balloon man looks at him, in a very sympathetic way and he says, “Richard, remember one thing, any color of balloon, red, blue, green, white, black anything you leave any balloon and it will fly. No matter which size small, big, thin, large any size of balloon you leave it will fly.

The balloon flies not because of how it looks on the outside or where it’s come from. The balloon flies because it has air inside. And just like the balloon, all of us human beings have the same air inside. All of us are born capable of flying.

All of us are born capable of growing high. To succeed in our life. We do not have to get stopped with our color. We do not have to get stopped with our size. We do not have to get stopped from where we are coming, what we have and what we don’t have.

We only need to know, if others have done it, we can also do it. There are many people before us who have been able to do it. You take Gandhiji, you take a lot of leaders before us who have done it. And we have the same air Richard, which means that all of us are going to grow and succeed if only we believe in it.

You saw the black balloon go up. Now I want you to think that you can also grow in life.” So that day Richard decides, black can fly, I can fly. And from that day onwards he only focused on growing and he became one of the biggest leaders in the world.

Self Help Is The Best Help


Arvind was a farmer. It was late evening, he was returning home from the market in his bullock cart. The cart had a heavy load on it, It had bags of grains.

Suddenly, it began to rain heavily. The wheels of the cart got stuck in the soft, wet mud. The cart would not move, Arvind was very upset. He was scared because it was getting dark.

He began to wall, “Oh dear! What shall i do? Who will help me? Please God come and help me.” He shouted many times for help. But he did not make an effort to push the wheels out from the mud.

After some time, a stranger came up to him. The stranger said, “Why do you cry? God will not help you if you simply try and do nothing.” The farmer said, “My Friend, I don’t know what to do.” The stranger said, “Come on, let us push the wheel.’ The farmer agreed.

They began to push. Soon, the cartwheels came out from the wet mud. Arvind was very happy. He thanked the stranger. He said, “I will always remember your good advice. I will never forget it.”

Johnny Gets A Straw Hat


This is the story of a little girl called Anita, and her toy horse called Johnny. Anita and Johnny were inseparable, they were always together. They ate together, they slept together, they even shopped together.

Whenever Anita wanted anything, she would say, “Johnny wants a chocolate, or Johnny wants to go to the park.” If she did not want to do anything, she would say, “Johnny does not want to study, or Johnny does not want to sleep just now.”

One day Anita’s parents had to go out of town for some work. They would be gone for a week. They could not leave Anita alone at home. They decided to leave her at her grandma’s place. 

Then Anita said, “Johnny does not want to go.” Her mother tried to tell her, “But they have such a beautiful cottage next to the beach, you will love it there you can make new friends with children on the beach. 

Anita had never seen the sea before. But she still did not want to go. Early on Saturday morning Anita sat in the back of the car with Johnny. Mummy and Papa sat in the front. Anita’s little suitcase was put in the boot.

The day was bright and sunny, and a cool breeze was blowing. But Anita was still not happy. She soon went off to sleep with Johnny sleeping beside her. It was evening by the time they reached the beach close to Grandma’s house.

As Anita and Johnny got down from the car, they saw a lot of sand and blue water. Anita was seeing all this for the first time. She liked it. Then she saw Grandma and Grandpa walking slowly towards them.

Grandpa was carrying ice candies for everyone. They were wearing straw hats. Before Anita could smile at them, she saw two horses trotting toward them. Even the horses were wearing straw hats, their hats had little hope for their ears to poke out. 

Anita smiled and said, “Look Johnny, even your grandparents are coming to meet you.” She ran towards her grandparents and gave them a hug. That night as grandma came to kiss her goodnight, she brought with her a very small straw hat with holes, it was for Johnny.

His very own straw hat, Anita was very happy. She said, “Thank you grandma, and Johnny says he loves his straw hat.” Now Anita wanted to live with her grandparents forever and Johnny nodded his head in agreement.

Unity Is Strength


Once upon a time, in a village there lived a farmer. That farmer had three sons. They were always quarreling with one another. The farmer tried his level best to bring them to the right path, but they never listened to the farmer and ignored his advice.

So the farmer felt very worried and he thought to himself, “How am I going to convince them, that if they keep on quarrelling, the adults would take advantage of them. They have to be together.”

One day, he thought of an idea. He called his sons and asked them to bring a few sticks, all three sons went around and brought some wooden sticks with them. When they brought those sticks, he tied them into one bundle and he gave that bundle to each of the sons.

He gave it to the first one and said, “My son, try all your strength and try to break it. Can we do it let me see.” First son l said to his father, “Oh father it is such a simple task. I break that in one minute, you see.” Farmer just smiled away.

This first son tried all his strength and power to break the bundle of sticks, but he could not break it at all, being tired he gave that bundle back to the father. Now the farmer went to the second son, and said, “Son, can you try to break the bundle now?” The son said to his father, “Ohh father, this is so easy. I will break this bundle in just a moment.” The farmer smiled again.

And he watched as his second son struggled to break the bundle into pieces. After a while when the second son realized that he could not break the bundle, he gave it back to the Farmer. Now it was time for the third son.

Farmer went to his third son and said, “Oh son, can you take a shot to break this bundle? your other two brothers could not break it.” The third son said to his father, “Oh father, it is so obvious, they could not break it because they are weak. I’m so strong, I will break that bundle in a snap of a second.” 

Farmer smiled again and as he watched the third son again struggling to break the bundle. He realized that his message was going to get across soon, as the third son could not break the bundle, so he gave the bundle back to his father.

Now this time father broke the bundle and gave one stick each to those three sons and said, “Okay you tried the bundle, now can you break the stick?” And before even he finished his sentence, all three sons of the farmer broke the stick immediately.

Farmer looked at all three sons by now even all three of them realized what their father was telling them. They realized that if they keep on quarreling, they will be not united and anybody can break them and take advantage of them.

But if they unite, and work together, they will be so strong like bundles of sticks, that nobody can break their unity and they will always prosper. The moral of the story is, be United and you will emerge as unbreakable.

Two Friends


In a small village, there lived two friends whose names were Sethu and Madhavan. These two lived in the nearby streets and were always fall together One day Sethu said, “Madhavan, there is a festival going on in our nearby village, we will go. Madhavan said, “Wait for me, let me tell my mom and come.

Madhavan went and told his mom and came back. He said, ” Let’s go, my mom told me that we should go safely and return home. Both of them started walking in the jungle.

Sethu said, ” Madhavan came fast.” Then all of a sudden they heard some noise. Madhavan said, “What’s that noise Sethu?” Sethu said, “Hey this looks like the voice of a bear.” They look towards the direction from where the noise was coming.

They saw a bear coming. Sethu said, “Madhavan the Bears are coming towards us. Climbed the tree fast because the bear does not know how to climb a tree.” Madhavan said, “Hey Sethu, I do not know how to climb a tree.”

Sethu started climbing the tree. Madhavan said, ” Please help me.” While Madhavan was pleading like this, the bear came nearer to the tree. Madhavan thought, “Oh god, what shall I do now? The bear is coming near me.

All of a sudden, Madhavan remembered what his teacher had said once in the class. He suddenly laid himself on the ground and acted as if he was dead. The bear came near him, it first smelled him, then went round and round, and sniffed against his face. Then the bear went back the way it had come.

Once the bear left, Sethu who was watching all this, climbed down the tree and came near his friend and said, “Madhavan, please get up, the bear has left. Please wake up.”

Madhavan got up. Sethu said,” Madhavan, I could see the bear telling something in your ears. What did it say?” Madhavan said, ” It said that a friend who does not stand by you in times of need is not at all a friend.”Sethu bowed his head out of shame. Madhavan walked alone back to his home.

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